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Beardscience was founded to disrupt the industry with finely crafted beard products and accessories made from only the highest quality ingredients and materials. Our founders searched manufacturers and creators from all over the globe to bring home the best possible combination of products into our custom-made kits.

Our goal is to provide you with the best solution for an immaculate facial hair experience each and every time. We think the era of the well-groomed bearded man is not only in fashion; it is the mark of a true gentleman. The kind of man who will put in a hard day’s work and still have the energy to hang out with friends while looking amazing. The stoic man that puts out that welcoming confidence we all admire. We want to give you the sense of personal style that eliminates the stereotype that beards are lazy or unkept.

We created Beardscience because we were tired of all the overly produced chemical products on the market that never got the job done right. We didn’t want to have cheap products leave our facial hair feeling itchy or dry. Instead, we use the science of mixing high-quality ingredients to unleash the power of hydrating, moisturizing, and detangle excellence. With our products, you get the care you need for a fantastic-looking beard the world will appreciate.

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